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what are y'alls favourite talkshow songs at the moment? mine are: chiming the descant like i'm thirteen again(my all time favourite), testosterone, four cute breakbeats(2nd all time favourite), im not a tortured poet (im too fucking predictable), chop us out, & ghost town!!!

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"double-up", "black remix", "more me in the foldback"!!!!
whats the name of the song that samples captain planet, the neighbours theme song and the macarena???? that's my second all time favourite quality pop song by that talkshow pocket!
that would be "four cute breakbeats" which is also my top #1 along with "second sun" and in fact the whole of album #3. did i give you a copy or what?
no, you didnt! we copied some songs (the first 6), to the topdog's computer and that was the extent of it. im really wanting a copy of it for my birthday, for christmas, and mothers day (IVE SAID TOO MUCH!), because im hanging out times a trillion to hear the pocket's 'ghost town!'
are you having a bub?!!!??!!! i'll give you a copy, for sure. "ghost town" is not on the album tho....
it's either a bub or the result of too many tandori chicken skewers! ive got 8$ that it's the latter. but if ever did reproduce, the middle name of said child would be TALKSHOW!

oh no! 'ghost town'! my lover! my friend! you have been the one...! i guess you'll just have to play it at every show then!
I'm honoured and will do whatever you say!
i say 'do it', and then 'do it some more!'

nicola's date to return is tentatively set at december 1! and she's seeing iggy pop in paris in eight days! lucky!
probably ghost town and chop us out and four cute breakbeats. i love the new direction.
i'm fucking loving chiming the descant (of course), hate the world times infinity, go hard or go home (i wanna tweak your moog): does ANYONE else love that song as much as me?! and, let's see... ice police!
go hard or go home is an instant classic with me too
fuck yea, let's be go hard or go home sisters! no, wait... brothers!